Nike free rn flyknit sneakers for men

PROS The shoe is lightweight and flexible. The upper material is light & it breathes extremely well. The shoe keeps the foot locked in place và secure in the heel
CONS :ack of traction in slick conditions. I cannot think of another "con" that I found while running in the shoe.

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OUR VERDICT The Nike không lấy phí Run is a lightweight minimalist shoe that performs well on runs of short distances (sprints to 10k"s). The shoe wrap allows the shoe khổng lồ create a feeling of sereneness around the foot which in turn creates a great fit which results in a comfortable run.
Nike không lấy phí RN 2018 – Sole

However (and you can look at the sole picture now) the tread is what I would describe to you as nubs offset by slits & an inverted, ‘Y’ that almost creates what I would equate to a honey comb look.

If you look at past versions of this type of shoe you can see that Nike has never gone with a traditional tread. I get Nike’s intent khổng lồ redesign the tread but in my opinion, the redesign left traction in the past.

To me this means that I would use these shoes only on the road, sidewalk or treadmill or your neighborhood trails… sorry large pieces of gravel found on mountain trails… the Nike không lấy phí Run is not for you.

Living in Colorado allowed me lớn take it out on the road for some snow và ice trials as well. I never felt stable on the road in the ice as the traction of the không lấy phí Run is not designed for running outdoors in the ice.

My recommendation is that the Nike không lấy phí Run 2018 be used on soft surfaces & light trails.

The shoe has an 8mm offset which is appearing to lớn be a trend in running shoes these days. Saucony is another brand that I am seeing providing the 8mm offset.

What I want lớn address here is the idea of a shoe claiming like it feels that you are running barefoot with an 8mm offset.

Here is Nike’s claim. Nike states, “The soft, lightweight sole mimics your foot’s natural movement through its innovative pattern. It expands and contracts with every landing & push-off.

This provides a natural feel & a barefoot-like sensation, kind of like an extension of your foot.” Nike is brags that this leads to an, “all natural movement on runs and walks.”

I had this in mind when I put this shoe through my tests. The sole unit is comfortable. It provided tư vấn in the heel through the forefoot. But I never felt as if I was running barefoot.

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Just in a well-designed minimalist in nature shoe. I am impressed with the durability of the shoe. It was tough in scrapes và the sole unit recovered well on back to lớn back runs.

Nike không tính tiền RN 2018 Upper Info

The upper is constructed out of a material that now includes spandex… yes spandex. The material breathes incredibly well but still creates a feeling of snugness (not tightness) around your foot.

I was a skeptic a first but after I tried the shoe on… it was super comfortable và form fitting. The newly designed laces also help the overall fit.

In past versions of the shoe the laces have been just that laces or laces with some cables to lớn help provide added fit. In the 2018 model, Nike continued lớn use what they call, “Flywire cables” but now these cables connect to an internal boot.

As you tighten the laces the cables are in turn pulled và you can feel the internal tư vấn increase.

The internal boot as I call it or as Nike refers khổng lồ it as a, “wrap” (which is appropriate as it does wrap your entire foot) adds stability, comfort và fit.

With some shoes on the market that include the heel lock you vị not get the same feeling of support that you bởi vì with the không lấy phí Runs.

In fact some shoes with the heel lock in my experience have caused blisters. I did not have any issues with rubbing or blisters with this heel lock.

Nike không tính phí RN 2018 Conclusions

Overall, I have khổng lồ say that these are by far the most comfortable shoe in the miễn phí Run family. I was impressed by the fit, the feel, and the performance of the shoe from mile one on. The shoe was responsive and comfortable.

My feet were never left feeling tired after a long run. The mid-sole of the shoe was impressive. It offered comfort and durability all while having a responsive feature in the cushioning.

One of Nike’s claims about the không tính phí Run is that, “Easily worn with your everyday outfit, or packed in a tote or backpack for a quick change, these are the most versatile in the không tính tiền RN family. So you can be up for anything.”

I have lớn agree thoroughly with this statement. I frequently tossed these shoes into my backpack so I could take a lunchtime run & I am wearing them right now. Let’s hear it for casual Friday!

We purchased a pair of Nike không tính tiền RN 2018 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.