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Mai House Saigon understands that from time-to-time your booking may be affected by weather or natural disasters that are not planned. In such cases, we make every possible effort lớn keep you informed và to provide you with the cấp độ of service that you require so that you can manage your bookings và plan around these unforeseen circumstances. If a Travel Advisory exists, we will display details about the advisory, how your booking may be affected & the process for how to proceed with as little stress & inconvenience as possible.

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Embodying luxury with an independent spirit, our award-winning, family-run khách sạn is located in the heart of District 3. A cool & calming oasis amid the eclectic surroundings of modern-day downtown Saigon. Our newly launched rooms, suites and residences epitomise our proud heritage, champion bespoke Vietnamese craftsmanship và celebrate our gorgeous French-Indochinese design và charming colonial flair.


Gracious Hospitality

Rediscover the true meaning of gracious hospitality when we lovingly welcome you khổng lồ the luxurious Mai House Saigon.


The Heritage of Saigon

Let us transport you back khổng lồ the glamorous days of luxury, when service was all about style và style was all that


Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

Gorgeous French-Indochinese design & charming colonial flair mở cửa the doors to plush interiors & beautifully appointed guestrooms, suites and serviced


A New Vision of Luxury

You will be spoiled for choice with elegant guestrooms, world-class dining and entertainment, a rejuvenating spa, fitness facilities, lush pool deck, và an extraordinary ballroom for the most special of


Made with Love

C’est La Vie brings the culinary influences of France to không nên Gon with relaxed, delicious, home-style cuisine. Or head to lớn the Tea Lounge in the lobby for indulgent afternoon tea experiences that transport you khổng lồ a bygone