Xiaomi mi notebook air 12


The novelty which everyone was waiting for— MiNotebook AirThin và light, like amagazine

Lightweight, innovative, high-performance máy vi tính with aFull HDdisplay.

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What would you prefer— the compactness orthe performance?

Ifyou focus onperformance, will you find anultra-lightweight và elegant notebook with afull-size keyboard & a12.5″ display?

And ifchoosing among compact, itturns out that finding apowerful & fast CPU & adiscrete đoạn phim card insuch adevice isnot soeasy.


Portable like amagazine

Can the computer beasportable asthe magazine? Slim, light, without recharging during the day— for MiNotebook Air it’s amatter ofcourseThe12.5 ″ screen, but itis16% lighter than the 13.3″ version, và even12% thinner.Atthe same time, itisstill 12.5 ″ powerful notebook with the high-end configuration, acomplete interface, but also more quiet power.

Light to1.07kgThin to12.9mm


Thin, lightweight máy tính with anintegrated graphics card Intel ® HDGraphics

Slim all-metal bodyFull HDscreenUltra-narrow bordersLong battery life— 9.5 hoursIntel ® vi xử lý core ™ i5-7Y54or intel ® chip core ™ m3-7Y30Intel® HDGraphics 615 graphics card8GB or4GB RAM128GB/ 256GB SATA SSD4MB L3cache


All-metal toàn thân with amodern design

Thanks tothe fully adjustable components the motherboard has become more sophisticated, the special giải pháp công nghệ ofdisplay parts joining allowed tomake the screen thinner. Through the use ofhigh-density battery the device consumes minimal power, moreover, such abattery takes upvery little space. Implementation ofthese innovations has allowed mi tocreate aline ofportable laptops that combine high performance & compact size. Itfits inalmost any bag orbackpack, iseasy tocarry even inone hand, and always attracts attention due toits stylish appearance.


Components ofthe highest quality

Xiaomi aims toreach the maximum even insmall things. Besides elegant appearance, mi givesus awide range ofversion tochoose from.

The high-performance processor from Intel— i7, i5, m3. The discrete graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce MX150, NVIDIA GeForce 940MXor integrated graphics thẻ Intel® HDGraphics 615. Modern DDR3 & DDR4memory, the fast PCIe & SATA SSDdrive,Play powerful modern games, create và edit videos without any problems & delays. You nolonger have tochoose between portability và functionality.

Several versions ofthe máy vi tính tochoose from— with 13.3″ and 12.5″ displayHigh-performance graphics cards —NVIDIA GeForce và Intel® HDGraphicsFlagship processors— intel ® chip core ™ i7, intel ® chip core ™ i5and hãng sản xuất intel ® bộ vi xử lý core ™ m3


Bright, realistic graphics

It’s pretty rare tofind asmall máy vi tính with aseparate graphics card. The thin 12.5″ máy tính xách tay from mi isequipped with adiscrete graphics processor, which isresponsible for the high-quality processing ofimages and 3D-games. Thanks tothis the gaming performance isincreased by2.1times. ArealisticHD image và smooth animation effects will allow you tofully enjoy your favorite games.


Powerful Intel bộ vi xử lý core processors

The new generation ofIntel core processors isfaster by18% compared with the previous, ithas low nguồn consumption and, atthe same time, high performance, soyou can view the đoạn phim in4Kresolution without any delay.Now not only a13.3″ version ofthe MiNotebook Air comes with apowerful processor intel Corei5, but you can choose amodel with a12.5″ display, và still, enjoy the fastest processing and operating.which isequipped with more quiet Intel vi xử lý core m3.


Clock frequency upto3.2GHzIntel ® bộ vi xử lý core ™ i5-7Y54 processorIntel® HDGraphics 6158GB LPDDR3 1866MHz


Total immersion with Full HDscreen and athin frame

The MiNotebook Air screen has anultra-thin frame with awidth ofonly 5.71mm & ultra-high screen ratio 78.6%, which incombination with the resolution of1920×1080 makes anincredible effect, helping you tobetter focus onthe image.

The protective glass ismade ofsynthetic sapphire ofhigh hardness— 7Honthe Mohs scale, which makes the display scratch resistant.


The special lamination giải pháp công nghệ reduces the thickness ofthe air gap between the display & the protective glass 4times, whereby the probability ofglare caused bylight refraction isreduced.

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Enjoy high-quality image both athome và outdoors, even inbright sunlight.


1920×1080 Full HDresolutionSapphire protective glassUltra-narrow border of5.71mm

Batteries with high energy density


Such asmall notebook with solong battery life— it’s not magic, it’s science. Todothis mi isusing batteries with ahigh energy density of600Wh/ L, which makes the battery very lightweight và allows you touse the fast charging through the USB Type-Cport. Itisnow possible tocharge the máy vi tính by50% injust half anhour.


The battery life of9.5hours, fast charging. MiNotebook Air isconvenient touse anytime, anywhere— athome, onawalk orwhile traveling.

Surround sound from the Austrian manufacturer AKG Acoustics


Weknow that you lượt thích tolisten tomusic và watch movies directly onyour laptop, sotook care ofthe sound quality. Inorder tomake the sound unique and clear, và the bass rich và powerful, inthe device isequipped with speakers from the Austrian manufacturer AKG. Dolby Audio ™ Premium giải pháp công nghệ makes the sound more natural & balanced.

Rich interface


All the đứng top models ofthe new generation laptops are using the USB Type-Cports, and the MiNotebook Air isnoexception. You can use itfor your gadgets charging, data transmission, aswell asfor đoạn clip output. Inaddition, the 12.5″ version ofthe MiNotebook has anHDMIoutput, USB 3.0 port & the 3.5mm tai nghe jack. Such avariety ofports & outputs significantly expands your opportunities— for example, you can use the additional 4Kdisplay for work orentertainment.

Its keyboard iswide enough, the key placement and form size are pretty common. Itisascissor-type switch keyboard that keeps clean longer & has a1.3mm key press depth. There are nice 3nit backlights that turn off automatically incase ofinactivity.


Intelligent Multifunction Adapter


This adapter will allow you toconnect toyour máy vi tính the external hard drives, USB-flash drives, printers, additional monitors, và all the other gadgets that are equipped with USB ports, but still, donot have USB Type-C. With this multifunctional adapter from Xiaomi, you can simultaneously connect the HDMI-cable, the USB-device & the charger toyour laptop.

Instant unlock with MiBand 2


The fastest way tounlock your máy tính xách tay without entering apassword istouse your MiBand2! Turn onyour notebook, when the tracker isonyour hand, & itwill automatically unlock.

Inaddition toits compactness and high performance the MiNotebook Air has alot ofinnovative solutions, unlock using the bracelet isone ofthem.


New generation memoryModern SATA SSD drivesSeamless screen, narrow 5,71mm bordersFull-size keyboardMultitouchDolby Advanced Edition surrounds soundWiFi 2×2— 2times faster!

Compact và portable

Powerful, innovative, quiet máy tính xách tay inthe size ofamagazine!

The weight ofalittle more than akilogram, long battery life, broad functionality— thanks tothis the MiNotebook Air will become your indispensable assistant, which, moreover, can easily fit inyour favorite bag orbackpack.