Lai lok yi and nicole lee's wedding


Chris Lai Lok Yi marries millionaire girlfriend, Nicole LeeSource: HKCNA / SingTaoImages: The Sun / Metro DailyTranslated: Chole C

Chris Lai and 2 year girlfriend, Nicole Lee, who participated in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant a few years back, finally got married on the 11th of November.

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They held a 24 table banquet at Hong Kong Parkview. However, even until today, since the beginning of the relationship, there were always negative news surrounding the pair, as Nicole is the heiress of her father"s 500 million dollar company, while Chris" financial situation is far off compared khổng lồ that. Chris could only bear with the news, but he used kích hoạt to prove himself, as the wedding fees were all paid by him this time. Asked if they will hurry and try lớn have a baby after marriage, the couple expressed: "Not yet, two person world first!" In the afternoon, Chris Lai & his bride, Nicole Lee, met the truyền thông in their wedding outfits. The bride wore a 5 carat đá quí necklace with earrings, looking extremely elegant. When the two took photos for the media, they posed and kissed sweetly twice as requested by the reporters. Chris revealed that when he read his vows, he kept stumbling, which his wife laughed at him for. Asked how much the wedding cost, Chris replied that it is a secret: "The most important is that my wife is happy. The bill hasn"t been given to lớn me yet." The bride, Nicole Lee, added: "We haven"t swiped the card yet, we will pay tonight." Asked who is responsible for paying, Chris said: "I am paying for everything." The oto used lớn pick up the bride on their wedding day was not under the groom"s name. Chris expressed that the car is his father-in-law"s. As for reports saying that Chris is "marrying into" the Lee family, he helplessly said: "Can"t vì chưng anything about it. I will have lớn respond khổng lồ tomorrow"s news. It"s okay as long as me, my wife & our family understands. We also understand that there is disparity in our wealth, but I will work hard and pull the distance closer. Hopefully time will prove everything." Asked about the rumours of the female side buying a house for him, Chris revealed that after marriage, he and his wife will be living in his village house in Tai Po. The main reason is so that it is convenient for him to go khổng lồ work and film for "Come home Love".

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They will not move into the new house that has just been renovated in Yuen Long yet. They will wait for "Come home Love" until next June and then consider to move in. Although he just got married, he only took a 3 day break; therefore the honeymoon will have to wait until he finishes work. However, they have already planned a one month long trip to nước australia to enjoy their alone time. Speaking of the couple"s relationship being "the woman is above he man" (due to lớn their wealth difference), Chris honestly said: "It"s not a problem as long as the female side understands. I will continue khổng lồ work hard & earn money. I"ve always had a good relationship with my wife"s family. They see me as their own son too." The eight groomsmen on the big night included actors, Ekin Cheng, Wong Yi Man & Patrick Tang. Celebrity guests included Linda Chung, Joey Law, Lisa Chong, Roxanne Tong, Yoyo Mung, Moses Chan, Sharon Chan, Christine Ng, etc. Linda bình thường expressed that back then, she and Chris Lai were also part of "TVB 12 Stars". They"ve known each other & grown together for 10 years. Witnessing the moment of him getting married, she was touched to tears. Yesterday, Chris accepted a phone interview & expressed: "Really need khổng lồ thank my wife. The wedding banquet was decorated very nicely, in a fantasy theme. Everyone had a great time. (Did groomsmen, Ekin Cheng & Patrick Tang sing to lift up the atmosphere?) I wanted them to lớn sing too! But in the end, I thanh lịch "Only Love You This Lifetime", so instead, they became my human metronome." His wife, Nicole, also sang; singing a tuy nhiên for their two mothers. She became so touched that she cried while she sang.