Game of thrones final season posters: who’s taking the iron throne?


Sorry, I just the new poster for the eighth và final season ofGame of Thronesand I overreacted. But still…what the f**k, HBO?


Okay, so what we have here is all of our favorite characters — feel không tính tiền to pick out everyone you can — dead and arranged in the snow in the shape of the Iron Throne. Even for this show, that isdark.

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If you’ve forgotten, the trắng Walkers have a history of arranging toàn thân parts in weird crop circle formations, & the poster seems be a reference to lớn that:

As disturbing as the new poster is, I definitely prefer it to the first poster for season 8, which mashes the Iron Throne together with Drogon in an idea that’s cool on paper, but just makes me think of a long hand puppet more than anything:


What vì you all think of the new poster? Are you as disturbed as I am? When you combine this with the very bleak teaser HBO dropped earlier today, they are forecasting rough times ahead.

Who else needs a hug?

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