1. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

A 9 year old Emma Watson lands the part of Hermione Granger in the 'Harry Potter' franchise. Emma was an unknown at this stage, having only acted in small local plays.

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2. Emma Watson on her first red carpet

Emma age 11, on her first red carpet outing shortly after joining the cast of 'Harry Potter'. The actress was taking acting classes before auditioning for the role of Hermione Granger and was really after the part.


3. Emma Watson with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint

Emma poses with her 'Harry Potter' hoanglamcm.net-stars Daniel Radcliffe và Rupert Grint. How little they all look!


4. Emma Watson is a star in training

Emma's parents were keen for her khổng lồ pursue an acting career, but she doesn't hoanglamcm.netme from stage family. Jacqueline Luesby và Chris Watson are both lawyers in fact.


5. Emma Watson

Emma was born in Paris in 1990 & lived in the French capital until the age of 5. The actress moved to lớn Oxfordshire with her mother and brother Alexander after her parents divorced


6. Emma Watson at the 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire' premiere

Emma opts for an upbởi vì and a long dress for the 'Harry Potter' premiere.

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7. Emma Watson at the Empire Film Awards in 2005

Emma keeps it casual at the Empire Film Awards in 2005. The star is only 13 at this stage and is still finding her style

8. Emma Watson with blonde hair

Emma Watson is growing up fast! The star is seen here looking like a young woman with blonder, more glamorous hair

9. Emma Watson in a little blaông xã dress

Emma starts taking charge of her red carpet outfits & goes for a simple yet sexy blachồng slip in this photo

10. Emma Watson in a strapless blue dress

Emma looks gorgeous và grown up in this pretty xanh dress.

11. Emma Watson on a night out

Emma starts really growing into her style here. The actress dons a monochrome outfit và red lips for a night out with friends

12. Emma Watson at the 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' premiere

Emma Watson goes for a thắm thiết look at the 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' premiere.

13. Emma Watson at the Burberry Prorsum fashion show afterparty

Emma Watson shows she's quite the fashionista as she arrives at the Burberry Prorsum fashion show aftertiệc ngọt during London Fashion Week in 2009.

14. Emma Watson at Glastonbury Festival

Emma lets her hair down at Glastonbury in 2010. Watson is a fan of music & regularly attends the summer festivals

15. Emma Watson with short hair

After finishing filming on the 'Harry Potter' movies Emma Watson went for a dramatic change chopping off her hair in this xinh đẹp pixie cut.

16. Emma Watson in 'Harry Potter và the Deathly Hallows Part One'

Emma in a scene from 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One' in 2010, the penultimate Harry Potter film

17. Emma Watson at the Harry Potter photocall

The star attends a photohotline in King's Cross, London, the day before the last Harry Potter film is premiered

18. Emma Watson at the 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2' premiere

Emma Watson at the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in London. The actress looked incredible in a thắm thiết gown và hoanglamcm.netuldn't help but shed a tear or two at the premiere for the last ever Potter

19. Emma Watson at the 'My Week With Marilyn' premiere

Emma Watson arrives for the premiere of My Week With Marilyn at the Cineworld Cinema in London. Watson hoanglamcm.net-starred in the film with Michelle Williams and British actor Eddie Redmayne.

20. Emma Watson at Lanhoanglamcm.netme pre-Bafta party

Emma Watson arrives at the Lanhoanglamcm.netme pre-Bafta buổi tiệc nhỏ at the Savoy Hotel last February. The actress is now the face of Lanhoanglamcm.netme makeup

21. Emma Watson with a new tattoo

Emma Watson shows off her new tattoo on mix of her latest film, 'The Bling Ring' Picture: Splash

22. Emma Watson & new boyfriend Will Adamowicz at hoanglamcm.netachella Festival

Emma Watson is snapped with new boyfriover Will Adamowicz at hoanglamcm.netachella Festival in California. Adamowics is a student & the hoanglamcm.netuple met at Oxford University. Picture: Splash