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This converter allows you lớn convert MegaBits per second khổng lồ MegaBytes/sec (Mbps khổng lồ MegaBytes/sec). ).

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◦How many MegaBits are equal to 1 MegaByte per second?
◦Difference between Mbps/s and MB/s
◦How lớn convert Mbps lớn MB per second
◦Mbps lớn MB per Second

If you use the binary definition of megabytes (MB), 8.192 Megabits per second (Mbps) equals one megabyte per Second (MB/s). If you use the ham (International System of Units), the megabyte equals 8,000 megabits/second. You"re not the only one who is confused by this. Read on to find out why.
Both of these answers are correct, depending upon which unit convention you have agreed to lớn in your particular case. We have the binary system, where units are powers 2. 1 MB is 210KB = 1024KB. According to this definition, one megabyte is 8,388,608 pieces. Also, the decimal đắm đuối convention states that one megabyte is 103 KB equals 1,000 KB. Therefore, 8,000,000 bits can be derived from one megabyte. As you can see, using the same name khổng lồ describe a unit with two distinct definitions is not an ideal situation. You can use both units by using our Mbps/MB converter.
An MB per Second (MB/s) is a nonstandard unit for network throughput. It is commonly used because most file sizes that one works with are usually expressed in bytes: KB và MB and not bit units lượt thích kbps, Mbps, etc.The binary và decimal conventions can both be used to lớn define an MB.Megabit Per Second (Mbps), a bandwidth measurement standard for network equipment like routers & switches, equals 1,000,000 bytes per second or 1,000 kilobits/second.

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In practice, Mbps will be the unit in which your optic or broadband, LAN, or DSL connection is advertised.Prices for mạng internet connections speeds are likely lớn be advertised as 25 Mbps (50 Mbps), 75 Mbps (32 Mbps), 48 Mbps (44), và 64 Mbps (64), respectively.For business connections, speeds can go up khổng lồ 300 Mbps or higher.Your PC or MAC most likely has a 100 Mbit LAN card. This card can transfer data at a maximum rate of 100 Mbps.The current fastest available LAN cards can nội dung speeds up to 160 Gbps.
Our converter is easiest khổng lồ convert from Mbps to megabits per second. If you prefer a step-by-step solution, it is best to lớn convert each metric into bit-level metrics and then the desired unit.

Mbps khổng lồ MB per Second

MbpsMBps (binary, also MiB/s)
1 Mbps0.119209 MBps
2 Mbps0.238419 MBps
3 Mbps0.357628 MBps
4 Mbps0.476837 MBps
5 Mbps0.596046 MBps
6 Mbps0.715256 MBps
7 Mbps0.834465 MBps
8 Mbps0.953674 MBps
9 Mbps1.072884 MBps
10 Mbps1.192093 MBps
20 Mbps2.384186 MBps
30 Mbps3.576279 MBps
40 Mbps4.768372 MBps
50 Mbps5.960464 MBps
60 Mbps7.152557 MBps
70 Mbps8.344650 MBps
80 Mbps9.536743 MBps
90 Mbps10.728836 MBps
100 Mbps11.920929 MBps
200 Mbps23.841858 MBps
300 Mbps35.762787 MBps
400 Mbps47.683716 MBps
500 Mbps59.604645 MBps
600 Mbps71.525574 MBps
700 Mbps83.446503 MBps
800 Mbps95.367432 MBps
900 Mbps107.288361 MBps
1,000 Mbps119.209290 MBps
MbpsMBps (SI)
1 Mbps0.125000 MBps
2 Mbps0.25 MBps
3 Mbps0.375000 MBps
4 Mbps0.50 MBps
5 Mbps0.625000 MBps
6 Mbps0.75 MBps
7 Mbps0.875000 MBps
8 Mbps1 MBps
9 Mbps1.125000 MBps
10 Mbps1.25 MBps
20 Mbps2.50 MBps
30 Mbps3.75 MBps
40 Mbps5 MBps
50 Mbps6.25 MBps
60 Mbps7.50 MBps
70 Mbps8.75 MBps
80 Mbps10 MBps
90 Mbps11.25 MBps
100 Mbps12.50 MBps
200 Mbps25 MBps
300 Mbps37.50 MBps
400 Mbps50 MBps
500 Mbps62.50 MBps
600 Mbps75 MBps
700 Mbps87.50 MBps
800 Mbps100 MBps
900 Mbps112.50 MBps
1,000 Mbps125 MBps


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