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True Beauty has all the guilty pleasures you want from a feel-good thắm thiết hoanglamcm.netedy K-drama. We get the coveted makeover scene, heartening friendship, convincing romance, a storyline that goes beyond any superficial airs the high school drama may have, & of course – the ultimate second lead syndrome that will break your heart.

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Another score for the franchise of webtoon-turned-series, True Beauty, also known lớn readers as The Advent Of A Goddess or The Secret Of Angel, was written and illustrated by Yaongyi. This was her first webtoon & it swept the mạng internet as it ranked number 1 on the charts loyally, so the fanfare was lớn be expected.

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True Beauty tells the story of yên ổn Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Won), a high school student who has always been treated unfairly by her family & even bullied due to her acne & blemishes. Having enough of being mistreated, she decided lớn learn how to lớn use makeup by binge-watching tutorial videos & practising on herself to hoanglamcm.netpletely change her appearance.

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After switching schools, she debuts with a new look (all thanks to lớn her exchoanglamcm.netnt makeup skills) and forms an unlikely relationship with two of the most popular boys at school: Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) và Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop). She keeps her bare face a secret from everyone in the new school, but Su Ho is the first to see – & recognise her beyond her makeup & even promises to lớn keep her secret. In a world where appearances are everything, Ju Kyung struggles lớn keep her bare face a secret and even still – struggles with her self-esteem, love life và career.

Here, we chat with phụ thân Eun Woo và Moon Ga Young on what their high school experience was like, what true beauty means lớn them, and what the dynamic was lượt thích behind the scenes.

Courtesy of ViuYou have starred in quite a number of shows based on webtoons. Vị you personally enjoy reading them? If yes, what are some of your favourites?

Cha Eun Woo: I guess I vị enjoy reading webtoons. My fellow members of Astro, Moon Bin & Shin Ha, both read more webtoons than I do, hence I vì receive a lot of webtoon rehoanglamcm.netmendations from them. I mainly read webtoons that have been rehoanglamcm.netmended to lớn me by others.

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Being an adaptation of a very popular webtoon, what were your thoughts & emotions when you first learned that you would be playing as im Ju-Kyung and were you familiar with this webtoon before this role?

Moon Ga Young: I have read the original webtoon before & therefore did know about it prior to the filming. The first thought that came khổng lồ mind was the excitement of wondering how I can make Ju Kyung a cool character.

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High school years are a turbulent và precious time for youths. Were there any scenes in ‘True Beauty’ that gave you flashbacks of your own high school experience và what was that experience like for you?

Cha Eun Woo: The scenes of our school trip have left the most impression on me. I did not get a chance to go on school trips during my high school days, as I was already an idol trainee then. Hence, the filming of those scenes were almost like a replacement for the chances I’ve missed back then. I was excited và had a lot of fun during the shoot, thinking about whether this is what it feels like to go on a school trip.

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As this drama has shown, beauty is more than just what’s on surface & is subjective. What does “beauty” mean khổng lồ you and what bởi vì you consider to be “beautiful” in a person?

Moon Ga Young: True beauty to me, is when a person is able to lớn ignore the judgment of others & knows how to cherish và love themselves.

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Many people, including your fans have mentioned how perfect you are as Lee Suho, especially in terms of physical appearance. Beyond just the looks, were there other aspects of his character that resonated with you personally?

Cha Eun Woo: We probably are similar in the aspect of having an honest personality. Oh, also, we probably are also similar in terms of behoanglamcm.neting shy often.

What was it lượt thích filming with your co-stars, phụ vương Eun Woo và Hwang In Yeop? What was the dynamic like behind the scenes?

Moon Ga Young: Since we tóm tắt the same age group, filming on mix was fun, while there were moments that were even more fun during our breaks.

We have now stepped into 2021. When looking back on the past year, what vị you think are your highlights in terms of you as a singer & actor? Also, what bởi vì you think was your happiest moment of the year 2020?

Hearing this question makes me think about so many different moments. I guess the biggest highlight of last year was the filming of the final scene of True Beauty. At that moment, besides feeling happy, I also did have a strong indescribable feeling. It was one of the moments when I felt both happy và proud.

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