Tell me goodbye

About Tell Me Goodbye

"Tell Me Goodbye" is a tuy vậy released by the South Korean boy band Big Bang.

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It"s the group"s fourth Japanese single and second single from the album Big Bang 2 (2011). It was released on June 9, 2010. "Tell Me Goodbye" is song in Japanese, with the exception of a few English lines.

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A Korean version of the song, "Hands Up", was added on the group"s fourth Korean extended play Tonight (2011).

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Can somebody...Please somebody...No, I got this...Steady thinkin" "boutthis thing called loveIt got me shaken up(Please tell me there"s a way)And it got my head just spinnin"round-round-round-round(Please tell me there"s a way)Don"t wanna take a fallIt"s best that I break it allIt"s gonna bebetter for you khổng lồ move on(Please tell me there"s a way)And my heart bebreakin" breakin"All apart remakin" remakin"How can I recover it allGirl I swear 君のことを 1秒でも悲しませない 約束守るためにはもう...もうこれしか選ぶ道はないからBaby 愛した分だけ傷つけてしまうAnd I got nothing nothing lớn sayTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye抱きしめた手をTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye離そう僕を忘れることで自由になるなら...BabyTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me GoodbyeGirl you know 君が笑顔失くしてく程僕は自分を責めるよなぐさめる言葉も 光さえも何もかも 見失うBaby この唇が離れた瞬間にI"ll never findbetter better than youTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye抱きしめた手をTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye離そう側にいることだけが優しさじゃないと...BabyTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me GoodbyeAnd it"s so, soSad it just ain"t happenin"Wish it could be betterSorry to lớn be scrappin"But I just can"t let yaBe less than happyHow sad would that beI couldn"t live with myselfseein" you lackin"The things you deserveBaby you be superbBest believe that it hurtsDeeply that"s wordI feel the achin"through my bodyIt just takes abig ol" part of meTo be lettin" you goI wished it weren"t so..君の声せつなく fade away ...風にかき消されて行く stay ...これ以上は I can"t take itその涙 don"t cry for me君のため never look back againTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye抱きしめた手をTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me Goodbye離そう側にいることだけが優しさじゃないと...BabyTell Me Goodbyeoh Tell Me GoodbyeTell Me Goodbye...

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