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Magic Ball 2 v1.2 | Game for iPhone - iPod Touch | 17 Mb

Magic Ball 2 gives you a ball, a paddle and a pile of bricks, and then sets you loose to indulge your destructive sensibilities. The 3D levels in this out-and-out assault on the senses seem to pop out of the screen, immersing you in the action and allowing you to launch missiles, rack up points and put multiple balls into play. Magic Ball 2 ups the ante even further with explosive bricks, fireballs, teleporters and more insanely fun ideas! Best of all, Magic Ball 2 is easy to play, making it a favorite of gamers worldwide!

• 100 levels featuring real-world objects and locations
• Creative powerups and weapons
• On-screen characters
• Stunning and colorful 3D graphics
• Paddle controls optimized for the iPhone

Download Links:

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